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Sunday, May 25, 2008

What can I do at home to entertain myself?

When you work from home, the best thing you can have is your freedom. 24 hours of uninterrupted personal time. Oh yeah. Yeah, baby... yeah!

As that may seem like a reason good enough to celebrate, with no bosses around to boss around in your life, having 24 hours can also be a burden for those who work from home. You see, while it is true that I may have 24 hours in my hands, but I can't possibly be working non-stop throughout the whole day.

That would be torturous! Heck, the would make my working hours even longer than when I was still employed! Haha. Though work is work, there should also be time to relax. Time to entertain yourself because this is what's it all about -- working from home! Can do whatever I like at whatever time I want.

For me, I choose to cook! I can't remember when it was that I started to develop this strange interest in cooking. And now, the wok is my new best friend. Besides What The Fak, of course! Haha. He's irreplaceable!

Oh god... but all this immobility in front of the lappie throughout most of the day is making me a lazy piece of crap. So cooking definitely helps a whole lot! It's no sweat having to cook a decent meal okay. And we're not talking about canned food. Real food, please...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Taking one day at a time, baby!

You know, the thing about working as a freelancer is that you'll never know what's going to hit you until it really did hit you. Not sure what I'm getting at here?

Life's no longer a routine, man. You've got all the freedom in the whole wide world, you've got all the time in this planet, and now it's just a matter of doing the right things to fully maximise the time at hand. One day you're eating dust at home and fiddling aimlessly at your lappie, and suddenly you're all packed with 3-4 projects at hand with deadlines crashing on you.

It's so unpredictable. Which makes life so much more interesting in a way. You know, if someone walks right up to me now and ask me how long I would last living this kind of life. I would want to tell him, "I hope this can last forever". But let's face it, we'll never know what's going to happen in the future.

But I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be all right.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I got despised for being unemployed

Some people just don't get it, do they? I am self-employed. If I work, I get paid so well I wished I'd never work for anyone else for the rest of my life anymore. And if I don't work at all, I eat dust.

Basically, I have my own means to earn a living, or in simple terms, you can put it as 'earning power'. But some people are the ultimate hardcore employee fanatics who seem to think they're god because they get paid monthly a certain fixed amount of moolah.

If back-stabbing is your favourite past-time, ratting about how bad others are and how saintly you are to the bosses is innate in you, and if you're a "Yes, boss!" kind of person, then I suppose you can indeed make a very good employee with a steady paycheck.

But if you think you're some kind of god because of that, it still doesn't give you any right to despise someone who merely opted to be self-employed. I like my freedom, I like having to decide how much I wish to earn a month. But somehow these people would see me as some failure who doesn't conform to the norms of the society.

Stop looking so highly upon oneself just because you're in employment. Everyone still has the right to choose their own profession and their own way means of earning a living.

All I did was to choose freedom and self-employment. And how is that bad for you?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dream start to being unemployed

Wow. Things have been so busy right now that I simply find it an uphill battle to manage my time. Jobs have been pouring in (thank god!), and I cannot imagine a better start to my route towards being self-employed! Yeah baby, yeah...!

What The Fak has been relatively busy as well, working really hard to finish several jobs at one go. He's been receiving jobs that were outsourced to him from the US of late. But despite being busy and all, I kinda like how things are at the moment.

Being busy working on jobs = $$$$
Yeah, I would get seriously worried if I find myself having too much time to think about killing time. So, yeah... you could say I'm enjoying every moment of being unemployed! Hahahah... wooooo hoo!! Thank god I quit!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

When can I actually start losing weight?

What The Pak is such a procrastinator. Since commencing my routine of working from home a week ago, I've been so busy that I could hardly find time to put on my running shoes! Poor Nike... must be gathering dust behind my car boot eh?!

You see, of all places, my sport shoes are actually at the back of my car! This goes to show how important exercising is for me at the moment. Been out and about meeting clients and all, so much so that I've totally forgotten about my promise to myself.

Not that I'm very obviously starting to gain weight or anything but hey, gotta exercise to stay healthy now that I'm working from home and sitting in front of the lappie for most of the day. Which is really bad for health, in case if you dunno what immobility does to the human body and mind.

So, this evening, I'm gonna just put on my running gears and start walking! Yes. I'm gonna start walking in my running gears, just to rephrase it. Hahah. It's better for someone like me who doesn't exercise at all to start from the baby steps, which in my case would be walking. No, not even brisk walking. Just walking. Ahem... yeah. That should work.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No pay, no work

What The Pak gets really excited when it comes to meeting clients. Why? Besides the prospects of making money, there's also a great opportunity to work with big clients and learn from the top people in the corporate ladder.

When you're a young freelancer having to deal with clients on your own for most of the time, you are literally being forced to be streetwise and learn many things the hard way. That was what happened to me. I learned that some jobs are better not awarded to me because the moment you deal with these people, you start incurring losses all the way.

So, I've learnt to select my clients. Working with clients who are good paymasters is really vital when you're out freelancing for others. No pay, no work. As simple as that.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Strangely, 24 hours still isn't enough

Despite now working full-time from home, as strange as it may seem 24 hours still doesn't seem to enough for me!

Too much to be done, too little time. Now it's both good and bad. Good that I'm busy with things to do and still earning money, but bad for the health I suppose. Hadn't had quality sleep lately, probably been too worried about many things.

Now this is really the thing about being self-employed. On one hand, you probably get all the freedom in the whole wide world to do things you love, but on the other hand, now that you've got full control over things you do, you tend to demand more out of yourself.

Good or bad? Hmm... only time will tell. But I certainly gotta relax more and keep my schedule more organised. Time to run back to schooling days to draw out a timetable for myself huh?! Heheheh..